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Fernando Burgo, Founder of IMB

We ask for attention and commitment and in exchange, we will offer you all the instruments to join the work system. Mine and my employee’s satisfaction is to see that you are interested and motivated and day by day to see that you are growing in an intellectual, artistic and technical way. It’s more than 50 years that I am enjoying this great satisfaction

Batul Ali, Founder of IDA

A strengthening, successful journey, inspired by the love, acceptance, and support of well-wishers and the design for the fraternity of India. IDA is built to create truly design-adept professionals, Within an encouraging, supportive, and nurturing environment.

Unique Teaching Method

The Burgo Way

The Burgo Institute was born from 60 years of teaching experience in the fashion sector. Founder, property and most of the collaborators are Italian, as a guarantee of the Italian nature of the training.

The “Burgo method” is a method that does not give generic information or a smattering: those who leave the Institute already know how to work, are already ready to enter an atelier, a large tailor’s workshop or the staff of a stylist. Although we tend to work we are always available to activate internships throughout Italy.


“We use the best and recognized fashion books, IL FIGURINO and IL MODELLISMO, complete and up-to-date texts that accompany all our former students and that they continue to consult even after completing the course for every doubt or need.

We know them very well, because we made them ourselves! They are in Italian and English versions and thanks to our experts we renew them periodically.”


Istituto di Moda Burgo, international leader in training in the fashion sector, has developed a method aimed at optimizing and emphasizing the value and timing of learning, with the main objective being the insertion of its students into the world of work . For the seriousness and professionalism demonstrated in carrying out its activity and the goodness of the results obtained, the ISTITUTO di MODA BURGO srl has been awarded the “Certification of its Quality System” according to the UNI EN ISO 9000/2008 standard with the wording : “Design and provision of professional training courses in the fashion field” by the following institution:


Lombardy Region accreditation


The Istituto di Moda Burgo with the enrollment number 811 of 12/19/2013 is included in the register of operators accredited for training by the Lombardy Region, pursuant to legislative decree 2412 of 10/26/2011 and implementing decrees.



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