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AmoR Design Institute

Director’s Word

Ms. Swati Palkhiwala

Designers are entrusted with increasingly complex and impactful challenges. When we examine what and how our system teaches young designers, we discover that the most valuable elements of the designer’s perspective and process are seldom taught. Instead, some designers grow beyond their education through their experience working in industry, essentially learning by accident.
So, what are we to do? We require a study group to make recommendations for a roster of design and educational practices that schools can use to build a curriculum that matches their goals and abilities. And then it will require a conscious effort to bootstrap the design profession toward both a robust practitioner community and an effective professoriate, capable together of fully realizing the value of design in the 21st century.


We envision a holistic design education that shapes the students into responsible contributors to sustainable development of society. It enables them to identify significant contemporary problems, inculcate critical thinking, critique conventional solutions, and challenge the status quo to arrive at creative solutions through collaborative team efforts at different levels of increasingly complex world.


To impart Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Aptitude among students to become creative problem solvers and to bring about innovation in the manufacturing and Product Development industry.To practice logical, sequential, conceptual and revival skills for providing design innovations at global platform.
To formulate, manage, motivate and deliver strategic solutions integrating creativity, art, technology, quality, pursue higher education and emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

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